10,000 Shoes for Congo


We are collecting 10,000 pairs of shoes shipping donations. Please encourage your church, community groups, schools and friends to partner with the Ntibonera Foundation by donating shoes to those without in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa).

Most people in the villages cannot afford a pair of shoes. This results in the feet of children becoming  infected with jiggers. Jiggers are parasites that burrow up in feet that can cause extreme pain and prevent the victim from walking. Your contribution will do wonders in fighting this battle by not only providing shoes, but medical treatment as well.

Together we can end this


Hope for the Mbuti People


Recently, several Ntibonera Foundation were sent to the Mbunti Community in the DR Congo. They were astonished by the conditions that the Chibuga people were living in. They met this Grandma with her Grandson, sitting down hungry and desperate. She stretched her hand begging for food. They gave her whatever they had, but soon realized that it would not be enough.

The people of this village have been outcast.

Most Chibuga villagers are no taller than 5ft and are therefore categorized as pygmies. Due to their physical disability, the people of the surrounding villages look down upon them. While the other villages enjoy the harvest, the people of Chibuga live off of looting their neighbor's farms for food. This has caused tension between the neighboring villages. Through your donation, we will be able to reach out to these people, not only with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also with the means to attend to their basic needs. People in this village are in desperate need and we are asking you to join us to bring hope to Chibuga village. 

Ntibonera Foundation is planning to drill a water well in Chibuga that will provide safe and clean water that is closer to the villagers. We want to build a school that will give the children of the village a chance to be educated. We would also like to provide sewing machines and carpentry tools for the residents of Chibuga to make and sell their products. We also want to help them get engaged in subsistence agriculture that will help in feeding their families. 


There are 700 households
in the Chibuga village
that need our help.