Ntibonera Story


Ntibonera Foundation is a non-profit Christian organization that was founded by three brothers. Emmanuel, John and Baraka Ntibonera are students at Liberty University. The reason they named the foundation under their last name is because "Ntibonera" itself means a surprise in a good way, and they want the work of the foundation to be wonderful surprise to people that have lost hope in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to Africa as a whole.

The three brothers are from a family of eleven people. They are four brothers, five sisters and their parents. Escaping the war in the Congo, they were not allowed to look behind and help others because of the danger of being killed themselves. Now, the Ntiboneras are in a position to look behind and help somebody. They are a living testimony and they are determined to go to every corner of this world to testify to what the Lord has done for their family.

Being driven by the scripture of Matthew 25:40, "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me". The family shares their message and the Love of Christ through their music. The "Ntiboneras Band" travels nationwide singing for the Lord and testifying to his goodness and mercies in their lives. The Ntiboneras are determined to use their ministry to share the gospel of Jesus Christ while collecting shoes, clothes, and other basic necessities that will be shipped and distributed to the people in the Congo. Due to war and political unrest In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, thousands of children have lost their parents. Many children have been born as a result of rape and abandoned. Young girls and women continue to be sexually abused. People are dying because of malnutrition and a lack of medical attention. The Ntibonera Foundation aims to bring hope to vulnerable people. Our mission is to reach out to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as attending to their physical needs.