with you it is possible 

With your financial partnership, we will be able expand the ministry into more demographics and help more people

If you would like to give financially to Ntibonera Foundation, please visit our Donation Page


gain experience on the field

Take a trip with the NF Team and go serve in different areas. No matter your field of expertise or interest - there is a place for YOU to serve with us internationally and domestically, as we seek to engage the people of the DR Congo.


there is a place for you 

You can help share this ministry to your churches and organize fundraising event that are to raise money for the organization to be able to function properly and also be able to accomplish its mission. We are in need of graphic designers, videographers and photographers who are willing to travel internationally on behalf of the organization. We are invite Health educators, nurses, medical personnel, etc. to be involved in hosting medical camps on the field.


Read about the current events in the Congo! The terror and violence has been happening for 20 years - more than 5 million people have tragically died. Get your local churches + schools involved in helping the Congo. Collect items that people need, like: clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletries, bicycles, generators, school supplies.